Belgian visual artists in Paris

Gepubliceerd op: 7 March 2017

Urbanautica announces the exhibition ‘Because it’s in my nature’, curated by Dieter Debruyne, which focuses on the work of Belgian visual artists Lieven Lefere, Isabel Devos and Jasper Léonard. All three artists are fascinated by the symbolic duality of man / nature dialectic. Isabel Devos’ ready-made remnants of nature translate themselves into the possibility of a landscape. The abstractions can be traced back into a focus and investigation on the explicit border between nature and human culture, but also as a research between photography and painting.

As a posthumous tribute to the understanding of Le Corbusier Lieven Lefere built a viewing device that allows us to look at the horizon in a different way. He wants to emphasize that the landscape and thus the horizon is a product of the interaction between the built and the unbuilt. Just like the photographic image is always the result of the interaction between frame and object or between device and reality. The ‘in‐camera’ manipulations resulting in a psychedelic imagery are in fact on‐the‐ spot technical interventions that seem digital. In this way, Jasper Leonard plays with the viewer’s knowledge of contemporary photography in this digitalized world.



Praktische Info

‘Because it’s in my nature’ from 11 Marcht until 23 March, opening night 10 March from 7 PM at mi*art galerie, Rue de Chapon 23, 75003 Paris, FR.


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