The Creative Summit 2013 - some reflections

Gepubliceerd op: 19 December 2013

Last October 25 & 26 The Creative Summit 2013 took place at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. Daniel Tucker went and put down some reflections on the Summit. He is wondering 'Who and What is Missing in Our Cities and Our Art?'

During my weekend-long visit to New York City I noticed no signs of recession or of poor people. Obviously there are poor people in America's cultural capital (last year's census shows an increased poverty rate of 21.2%), but that evidence presents itself less and less. To talk of ‘gentrification' is to invoke the ambiguous perpetrator of economic and cultural change - the ‘invisible hand' of the last 30 years of urban life. But underlying the blame and guilt game of gentrification lays the urgent question of who is allowed to live, and express themselves beyond mere survival, in the cities they have passionately toiled to create?


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